Digital Mammography Services

State-of-the-Art Technology

As of February 2010, Mesquite Diagnostic offers state-of-the-art Digital Mammography as part of our dedicated Women's Imaging Suite. Digital Mammography is the fastest, most accurate way for women to get their yearly mammogram.  Digital mammography is better than traditional mammography at spotting calcifications in women with denser breasts.  Additionally, the digital images are easier for Radiologists to manipulate and study on the computer screen with the help of magnification, windows, and adjustments for brightness and contrast.  

There are two types of mammograms: a screening mammogram is a preventative examination that allows patients to monitor the status of changes to their breast tissue; and a diagnostic mammogram is for the evaluation of abnormalities or for patients with a past abnormality requiring follow-up. Patients may also need to have a diagnostic ultrasound in addition to the diagnostic mammogram.

We ask that you please bring films (or digital images) from your previous mammograms with you for comparison purposes.

For your convenience and privacy, our Women's Imaging Suite offers private check-in and luxuriously appointed private changing areas with a locker for you to secure your valuables.  Because you will be asked to put on a gown, we recommend you wear a blouse with slacks or skirt. Patients should not wear any body or skin lotion or deoderant on the day of their mammogram as these products will interfere with test results.


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